Kentucky is the largest cattle producing state east of the Mississippi River with over 1.1 million beef cows. The Hancock County Cattlemen's Association, a non-profit grass roots organization, works to protect, advance and be a strong voice for the county's beef operations and is unified in this with the Kentucky Cattlemen's Association. The mission of these local beef producers is to inform other producers, increase consumer demand and thereby increase producer profitability.


  • To promote and provide more profit to ALL segments of the beef industry through maximum utilization of all resources
  • Develop educational opportunities for youth and adults
  • Develop leadership among youth and adults
  • Serve as a coordinating unit for Hardin County beef interest and to coordinate functions related to the livestock industry
  • Do any and all things incidental to or necessary and proper to be done in connection with the matters set out

Who can join?

Any individual, partnership, firm or corporation who is owner, manager, or has an interest in the production or marketing of cattle may become an active member upon application, acceptance and payment of dues.

How can I join?

Upon filing an application for membership with the Association and paying $30 individual/ $45 couple in dues, you will hold membership to the Hardin County Cattlemen's Association and the Kentucky Cattlemen's Association.